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  Yoga of Purification and Transformation  
by Rudra Shivananda

Attain Peace of Mind in this Life and Terminate the Cycle of Suffering Caused by Negative Karma

Learn about the five Restraints or yamas which constitute the Yoga of Purification and five observances or niyamas for the Yoga of Transformation. You will learn what they are, why they are important, and how to practice them, in the context of Self-realization.  They should form the foundation of all successful spiritual practice, until their perfection in the highest Samadhi is reached.  The development of the yamas will lead to freedom from emotional and mental disturbances, as well as the elimination of negative karma.  The niyamas are the essential habits that develop the mental state of a spiritual practitioner, and immunize against the obstacles that prevent attainment. 

This is an inspirational and informative presentation with many relevant stories, examples and practices for everyone on the spiritual path.

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